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Just how important is your video equipment?

Have you ever put several hours of time and energy into shooting your video and when you started editing it you found that you have been victimized by the bad lighting bug? Have you started editing and found that the audio just wasn’t quite right? Hey, it happens to the best of us…..when we are not equipped with the proper accessories.

Have you ever wanted to make a video with the New York skyline or the French Riviera as your setting but don’t have the funds to get there? If you know where to get the tools to professionally create that location you can get there!

You can achieve the sound, lighting, shooting location, and finished look that you’re going for by adding the proper equipment to your setup. The video equipment you use and the choices you make prior to editing can make all the difference in the world. Yes, if you purchase software with the proper functionality you can adjust lighting and sound but there is nothing like the natural look you maintain with the proper audio and visual accessories. They do add to your expenses, but they also add to your bottom line and your enjoyment in the end.

A multitude of tools and accessories exist which have the ability to enhance your video productions. Knowing exactly which camcorder, video lighting or video microphone to choose can be a daunting task. If you keep your specific needs in mind and do not allow the allure of fancy or costly products to sway your decision you will more than likely choose the accessories that are best for you and you will not experience buyers remorse.

After you read up on all of the essential equipment and learn which products are best suited for your needs visit our store to view a wide range of video equipment at low prices. has the knowledge to get you headed in the right direction.

Canon Vixia

We will provide you with valuable insights into:

• Camcorders. The Guide will provide you with information on prosumer camcorders. We’ll break down features, performance, and prices. Take a trip over to our Camcorders page to find some great references. If you’re looking for professional camcorders take a look at our High End Camcorders page. If you are looking to save a few bucks and capture some great video take a look at our Pocket Camcorders page.

• 3D Camcorders. Ever wonder if it’s worth it to buy a 3D camcorder, 3D TV, and 3D computer monitor? Well, we can’t tell you if it will be worth it or not (since it is a personal preference) but we can tell you about 3D technology and about some of the top 3D camcorders available. Take a hop skip and a jump over to our 3D Camcorder page for all the info.

• Lighting. The Guide will take you into the world of video and camcorder lighting where we will explain usage, features, performance, quality, and durability. Lighting is one of the most valuable pieces of video equipment to own. Go to our Camcorder Lighting page to get all the info.

• Microphones. The Guide will walk you down the path to discovery where you will learn about different microphone types, and in which scenarios they are meant to perform best. An external microphone is an extremely vital piece of video equipment. Visit our Camcorder Microphones page for the specifics.

• Camcorder Audio Mixers. If your goal is to create professional videos you need quality audio. To improve your sound we recommend going with an off camera microphone and a camcorder audio mixer / XLR adapter. These little marvels can be used in the field or in the studio so you will have the ability to create high quality no matter where you are. Take a moment to read up on XLR Adapters/Camcorder Audio Mixers and learn more about how they can enhance your videos.

• Computers. In order to edit video you need a strong computer. It must be equipped with the right processor, memory, hard drive, and applications. The Guide will point out some of the top video editing computers to get your projects completed. Take a look at our Computers section to start your research.

• Green Screens. Green screens open up a world of creativity for any videographer or video hobbyist. These green wonders make magnificent effects possible. They can allow you to shoot a scene in gay Paris while you are in your living room or take a magic carpet ride through downtown L.A. We’ll tell you all about the different types of green screens and help you choose the one that’s right for you on our Green Screens page.

• Motion Loops and Backgrounds. These handy video clips are used along with your software’s Chroma Keying to create a realistic environment for your videos. Want to film in a prehistoric world, the great void of space, or a cruise ship? Do you want to have cool video effects in the background? Motion loops and backgrounds allow you to be wherever you want and do whatever you want. We’ll tell you about them and tell you where to get them. Take a moment to browse our Motion Loops page to see if you’d like to give them a try.

• Storage Devices. Creating fascinating videos can turn your 500 GB hard drive into a 200 GB hard drive in no time…especially if you are making HD videos. Video editing can eat up your hard drive space faster than Joey Chestnut eats hot dogs. It is critical to find a solution for storing your videos while allowing your computer to work at peak performance. You’ll need a good Storage Device to make that goal a reality. This is one piece of video equipment you don’t want to do without.

• Other Accessories. There are plenty of accessories which can compliment your software and camcorder. We’ll give you a glimpse into what those accessories are and provide you with guidance on where to go in order to get them. Visit our Accessories section for more information.

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